What Others Are Saying

This consultation is probably one of the most important things I have ever done in my life and the shift it helped me to make is enormous.
Noelle Brighton

Hillsboro, OR USA

This was very helpful and so touchingly beautiful. Thank you for all of the loving messages and your ability to put into such clear and powerful words the messages my guides were giving you. I bow to your gifts.

The exercise that the guides & you led me through to let go of the “present” image on the timeline issue was very helpful. I felt a shift right away.

Roz approaches the entire session with love, warmth and compassion, and she delivers the messages from the Akashic Records guides with clarity. A reading and transformation session is a powerful way to understand and heal from long-standing patterns and to open up the space to create new ways of being in the world. 

Suzanne Gamache

Mind/Body Therapist, Nice, France

Having this session gave me great insight into why I have repeatedly acted in a way that was not in my best interest. Now that I understand the origin of my feelings, I think it will be much easier to break these patterns.

Sherri P.

Los Osos, CA USA

This is a wonderful process to connect with your guides, gain valuable information and validate your inner wisdom. It is a beautiful process to feel the support and love of your guides.

It is about trusting your inner wisdom, your guides and the universe.

Lauren A. Ebbecke

www.extraordinarywellnesscoaching.com - Wisconsin, USA

It. Was. A-maze-ing! I don’t really have the words for it, it’s something you have to be ready for but if you are and you do, you will absolutely not look back at the investment that you make. It brought peace like I have never known.

I now have a deeper understanding of the structure of my family, why things have been the way they are and being able to let go of judgment and responsibility, hold forgiveness and love in my heart and to be able to love them for what and where they are.

You’re amazing Roz, I am exhausted but in such a good way! I am so excited about sharing this journey with you! Thank you for being you’re wonderful self, you are such a gift xx

Rachel Townsend

www.thehonestcanine.com - Albury, Australia

My experience with the session was that I found the information to be invaluable explaining why I was having such a hard time feeling completely in my power in the world. 

I felt that Roz really helped me to clear everything from the past that was holding me back from truly loving myself. My goal of these sessions was to work on relationship issues that I was having, and I do believe that learning to love yourself fully is the way to attracting a great relationship

TIna J.

Highland Beach, Florida USA

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