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Sacred Life Mastery Is A Lifestyle

Sacred Life Mastery is the art of embodying your most empowered self,
sharing your message with the world and
building a thriving, sustainable business doing what you love.

This takes dedication, commitment, moment-by-moment awareness and FUN!

On this page are All.The.Things. I have created to support you 
to live your most outrageously authentic, out-loud life!

Work With Me

Choose Your Own Adventure

Where are you on the journey?
Ready for a 1:1 adventure to take your business to the next level?
Craving a group experience to stay in energetic alignment?
Looking for a short training or more in-depth course?
Choose Your Own Adventure!

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Experiences are short term containers designed to offer deep dive
transformation and breakthroughs around specific issues.

Wealth & Abundance Bespoke Experiences for Soul-Led Visionaries
is an exclusive experience that is is personalized just for you
and are only offered after a Wealth & Abundance Breakthrough Session
so I can create the container perfect for you right now.

The Resistance Fix!
Shift Resistance Into
Powerful Motivation
| $888

Spinning your wheels instead of taking powerful action? You have slipped into a pattern of resistance.

Resistance can look like overwhelm, fear, confusion and/or rebellion. You have your own special mix based on your conditioning and learned ways of coping with stress.

Ready to move forward with your projects and tasksl? Want to pinpoint your resistance pattern and create a foolproof strategy to kick it to the curb? 
Then it’s time for The Resistance Fix! your personalized Resistance Into Powerful Motivation Breakthrough!
Includes 30 days of Fired Up! Accountability Coaching.

Fired Up!
Accountability Coaching | $500

Make Progress Like Never Before And Complete Your Most Important Projects and Tasks!

Are you sick and tired of the long to-do list hanging over your head so you never seem to get to what you REALLY want to do?

What would it be like to have a ‘coach in your pocket’ to assure you make significant progress on your passion project? 

No chit-chat or slipping into a long list of ‘reasons’. This is targeted hold you to your word coaching 5 days a week for 30 days. I’m here for you!

This is a new coaching model where we meet 20 times over 30 days that guides and cheers you on as you make progress, instills a powerful habit and affirmation for personal growth and even rewards you between calls and again at the very end. 

Also included is a space to get your most important work done – this coaching program has it all! 

You get a full 30 days of Fired Up! Accountability Coaching sessions with me – would it be worth 500 bucks to finally GET RESULTS?  

Flourish! VIP Retreat
Intensive/ $3600

In this two-day retreat (live on Amelia Island, Florida or virtually) you will shatter your inner glass ceiling for good!
• Identify your brilliance and opportunities
• Expand your awareness of the possibilities before you
• Ignite your vision
• Connect to your most resourced self
• Identify your core belief pattern
• Explore the deeper truth of who you are beneath the old pattern
• Map out a growth pathway that includes new mindsets, skills, capacities, and ways of being that enable you to embody your new self-concept that is aligned with your vision
 This VIP retreat intensive will forever change your life and business.

Bespoke Experiences Begin With An Ignite Your Vision Coaching Session

You and your business are unique and I honor that. No cookie-cutter approach to coaching is for you! I will custom create an experience that will enhance you now and ignight your full potential.

Schedule your Ignite Your Vision coaching session now where you will become crystal clear on your expanded vision for your life and business.

Discover what could be sabotaging you and leave knowing your next best step to co-create the financial wealth and abundance you know are possible!

This laser-focused 60 – 90 minute session can change your life! 

And it is my gift to you. Book your complimentary coaching session now!

Sophia Temple

A sacred space for Spiritual Seekers

Alignment with highest self and with Source matters.

Join us in the Temple!

Sophia Temple | $55 mo/$555yr

A sacred space for Spiritual Seekers (like you) who know that fully embodying the Earthly experience opens the door to a deeper, richer Spiritual Connection. 

As you participate in Dark Moon and Full Moon virtual Circles, live or by replay, you not only align your own energy, you also fulfill your desire to be of service to all of humankind as the spiritual energy flows out past our Circle to encompass the entire Earth.

There is magical, mystical alchemy at work!


Freebie Fun!

Delicious Goodies Created Just For You

Freedom Formula Assessment™

Discover in 10 Minutes (or less) if the
#1 reason businesses stall is keeping
YOU from the success you crave.
And what to do about it!

D.A.N.C.E. Journal™ KIT

Unwind the thoughts that run through your mind…90% of them don’t belong to you anyway!

This unique journaling process not only stops the monkey parade in your mind but will allow you to uncover and release old beliefs you don’t even realize are making life hard. 

D.A.N.C.E. > Daring Awareness Nourishes Creativity & Expansion


Shorter Self-Study Programs

Sacred Money Rendezvous | $9

Love money so much, in very practical ways, that money will want to come to you in increasing quantities from multiple sources that surprise and delight you!



In-Depth Self-Study Programs

The Fine Art of Not Giving A Damn Breakthrough | $597

Stop Putting Others Wants Ahead Of Your Own!
Embody Your Authentic Self & Own Your Gifts!
Know The Source of Your Magnificent Power!

When you clear the beliefs that collapse your power and learn to move stuck emotions … you liberate the energy, desire and passion needed to take bigger action. 

Heal your 3rd Chakra Power Center with unique technique that heals at the nervous center level.

Discover this and more in The Fine Art of Not Giving A Damn Breakthrough!


I am available to speak on Podcasts and Summits

I also teach and offer facilitation services for Workshops and Retreats.


Media Kit

Let’s connect and collaborate something amazing together!


Books are available on Amazon. 
A limited supply of Autographed copies of Success With Source are available in my Etsy Shoppe.
Printable Journal is also available in my Etsy Shoppe.

Success With Source

This spiritual business success book guides you through true life examples and practices, showing how women created unique ways of working with the Universe to win in business and life.

Showcasing diverse life journeys of women at various stages in their businesses, who all learned how to surrender to God, tap into the love and wisdom of the Divine, and create unconventional success, by doing business differently, following their hearts, and taking unexpected steps.

Through these stories as your guide on how to create spiritual business success, you will be inspired and empowered to achieve not only success but huge fulfillment as you weave spirituality into every aspect of your life in business.

My Personal Year Numerology Journal

Your birth started a continuous series of Personal Cycles that describe the active energies influencing your life. You can consciously take advantage of these energies when you become aware of when they move through your days.

Teaming up your Personal Numerology with Oracles card readings is an incredible way to tap into the energy and guidance to consciously participate with the Universe and flow with the rhythm of your life. 

This journal helps you consciously focus as you use your Personal Year, Month and Day Numerology to easily navigate your sacred life!

This journal is also available on Etsy in both printable and digital format (use with a PDF reader).

365 Book Series

There are 365 ways to connect with your soul inside this book, including meditative practices, being in nature, playing and creating, receiving messages from loved ones on the other side, changing your thoughts, raising your vibration, spending time with your pets, and so much more!

Our soul is our lifeline to the universe, and staying connected to it helps us stay connected to all that is. This book shows that connecting with our soul can be easy and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. There’s no right or wrong way to read it! You can flip through at random — letting your soul lead the way — or you can read one passage each day.

Whether you’re already plugged in and are looking for fun ways to deepen your connection, or you are feeling disconnected and are looking for loving ways to plug back in, this book is the perfect tool to support you in aligning with your soul and the universe at any given moment!

In this Series:

365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul
365 Moments of Grace
365 Life Shifts


Journals, Printables, Digital Wallpapers, Trainings & More

Etsy Shoppe

The Sacred Practice of Art
Printables, Journals, Digital Wallpapers, Trainings & More


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