A GIFT FOR YOU! Be Love During The Holidays Energetic Alignment. Deeper than a meditation…relieve stress and be love!


Be Love During The Holidays

Energetic Alignment.

Deeper than a meditation…

relieve stress and be love!

D..A..N.C.E. Sacred Technology

Stop the Runaway Mind Chatter & Tap Into Your Divine Essence

D.A.N.C.E. ~ Daring Awareness Nurtures Creativity & Expansion  Discover that the voices in your head, almost always, don’t even belong to you!

Get the how-tos of the D.A.N.C.E.™ Sacred Technology, a mixed-media spiritual practice, & be supported in our Community.

It’s free and we look forward to having you join us!!

Sophia Temple Sacred Sanctuary

       Join A Group Of         Like-Minded Souls Mentorship

A sacred space for Spiritual Seekers (like you) who know fully embodying your Earthly experience opens the door to a deeper, richer Spiritual Connection.

As your mentor, I support each member of the Society at a soul level as you tune into yourself and discover your intuitive inner wisdom and to grow into your divine potential, awakening your unique authentic self.

Your Sacred Template ~ The Real You

Align With Your Sacred Template™ & Flow With Your Life Purpose 

When you were born the stars were aligned in an exact position at that exact moment. This alignment of stars and planets and other heavenly bodies really did determine so much about what makes you…well…you!

When you align with Your Sacred Template™ you will discover and be able to live your life purpose with ease and grace.


Akashic Records Intuitive

        Meet Your Guides                In  The Records           Of Your Soul

All of the ‘problems’ you have are merely ways in which your consciousness is attempting to bring your attention, to deep, unconscious wounds & contracts that are showing up as patterns in your life today!

Access and heal deep wounds by working in your Book of Life, where your Soul’s Journey has been recorded, also known as the Akashic Records.

What People Are Saying

I greatly enjoyed my session with Roz. She was able to go with me into areas I have some resistance around and provide me with guidance and insights that were very helpful.

Roz was also able to help me reframe some ways I have been looking at things, allowing me to feel more confident and open to future possibilities.

Thank you, Roz!


Boise, ID USA

Guidance specifically shared that I am divine perfection and do not need to be a perfectionist. I received confirmation that the angels are always around me and giving me unconditional love.

Thanks, Roz, for this opportunity to share this sacred space. I felt a deep connection with both of you and with the angels.

Andrea S.

Mayer, MN. USA

The highlight of the session was learning how to interpret what my gut feeling is and just saying it the first time instead of letting it fester and turn into anger.

I allowed myself to have an energy release. Now I feel lighter, more free, empowered, and more self and family focused. All of the sudden I had the time and space to give Ruby a proper nap. I actually made myself lunch without feeling rushed or burdened.

Amy N.

New York, USA


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