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The Intuitive Wealth & Abundance Coach
for Soul-Led CEOs & Visionary Entrepreneurs

Hi! Welcome to Sacred Life Mastery.art! A very special place that is home to happiness, peace, wealth, abundance and loving ALL of you!!

You can have a beautiful, prosperous business that fulfills your heart and soul while, at the same time, you make an incredible impact in the world.

This I know to be true

You Are Ready For Your Own Wealth & Abundance Breakthrough

If you were attracted here, to this site and to me, you are ready! It is your burning desire to serve others at a deep level, creating wealth for yourself and your family all while enhancing your spiritual connection and using your intuitive gifts.

Even if some of this feels like crazy talk (is is even possible to be rich and grounded, calm and spiritual), feel the truth sink in.

What is your biggest dream? Why aren’t you living it right now?


My Mission:

I take a stand for you living a happy, fulfilling life in your glorious authenticity. You are an incredible, magnificent creature. 

Powerful and Worthy. Fully Divine and Fully Human. On a mission and it is time for you to have all you desire.

While no one ‘neeeds’ all.the.things, if YOU desire them there is no reason you can’t have what you desire.

My Intention:

To walk with you to create your masterpiece in this life-time. You have the power to do it yourself, but it is quicker and way more fun to have someone walk with you.

I intend that you will be free to choose happy thoughts, raise your vibration at will, deepen your relationship with your Soul and Spirit, transform your life, business, wealth and abundance through Sacred Life Mastery™, being your most authentic self in the process.



I adore working with soul-led CEOS and visionaries who are out to change the world.

My clients have businesses they love and are ready to grow so they can create the income they deserve and serve all those their hearts are calling them to.

I use the term 6-Figures, not as a magical talisman but as a way to speak of the amount of money that will change your life, whether that amount is 100K a year, a month, a week or a day…it is a goal that means ‘next’ to you.

If you aren’t there yet, there is a reason and I am able to pinpoint the block so you are able to drop it like a hot rock and get on with it!

I love working with clients to guide them to let go of the past, stop being scared of the future and enjoy the now all while creating a beautiful, prosperous life. If this speaks to you, please contact me below.


I would love to hear from you! 

Please contact me through the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level, schedule a Wealth & Abundance Breakthrough Session now.

the rest of the story

Before we expanded to Sacred Life Mastery we were Lean Toward Happy, and leaning toward happy is still a vital piece of everything we do … in fact, you could even say it is the first step toward Sacred Life Mastery!

Let me share how it all came about…and what has happened since!

I SO remember the day I was sitting on my couch contemplating my future and seeing no hope in sight.

I was of a certain age…had made tons of what I labeled wrong moves and had sunk into habitual negativity, judgment and fear.

I have always been a spiritual person, loving God the best I knew how yet a peaceful and abundant life always seemed to escape me. At this lowest point in my life, I just gave up and asked God what was I going to do?

The next day, while grocery shopping, my eye was attracted to a tiny, beautiful book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. (Yes, I am dating myself…but this is how long I have been on this part of the journey, so I’ve seen a thing or two…just sayin’!)

Although I now know it was a worldwide phenomenon…I had never heard of it. The beauty of the book appealed to me and I randomly opened it to words that spoke to my heart.

I read every word, bought the DVD and watched it countless times and wore out a copy of Bob Proctor’s, The Secret Science of Getting Rich program.

What relief swept over me!

Why did this have such a profound effect on me? Although I had been a student of personal development all of my adult life…it was now time for The Shift.

Wayne Dyer describes the shift as the time when living from the ‘ego’ ~ the part of us that is concerned with how we look to others and what they think of us ~ shifts ~ to living from ‘spirit’ ~ the greater part of us.

For me it was coming face to face with the truth found in the Law of Attraction:


Sorry for shouting but this is SO huge!!

When you take responsibility for your own life there is no one to blame, shame or guilt…AND if there is no one keeping you down then YOU can be, do and have anything!!

Feel the power in that!! Whoo-hoo!! Moving from powerlessness and victim-hood to powerful creator of my life!!

OK, I can feel you saying, “So you read a book, watched a DVD and listened to a CD program and WHAM! you are powerful?”

I am sensing a ‘Yea, Right!!’ in that question, yes??

While changing your entire life perspective takes courage and practice, what I now call Practical Spirituality, it is worth every effort!

Making the shift is interesting (reframe of hard) because this new way of understanding contradicts your paradigms (patterns of belief) and takes you WAY outside your comfort zone.

I discovered that how you FEEL is the most important thing for you to become aware of and you are able to move up the Vibrational Scale at will. So regardless of what is going on around you ~ YOU are free to choose your vibrational state … free to Lean Toward Happy … in any moment!!

As I learned more about the Universal Laws that we either play with or work against, I was seeing fabulous, measurable change in my life…I was happy, I was content to accept where I am and eagerly anticipate what is coming…and I wanted to share this with everyone I knew who was not living the life they thought they would have!

I continued to study and learn about the Laws of the Universe and Quantum Physics. (Below is an partial list of trainings and certifications that give me the power to guide you.)

Having always had a connection with Spirit, I was happy to find this new way of perceiving the world led to a deeper, richer connection with All-That-Is.

As I continued to practice managing my energy, I was thrilled to find I am able to consciously raise my vibration to a very high level and conduct the energy of a group of non-physical beings who have identified themselves as Sophia.

This connection has led to working with clients to enhance their natural intuitive gifts.

You, too, can begin to create a life you LOVE now! I adore working with Soul-led CEOs and creative entrepreneurs to let go of the past, stop being scared of the future and enjoy the now all while creating a beautiful life.

As a self-proclaimed happy mystic (a person who believes it is possible to attain insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge by direct communication with the Divine through immediate intuition) my intention is that you will be free to choose happy thoughts, raise your vibration at will, develop a close, loving relationship with yourself, your Soul and Spirit, transforming your life leading to Sacred Life Mastery™ and maintain this new way of being by establishing your own practice of Practical Spirituality! YES!!

My mission is to remind you that you are an incredible, magnificent creature. By re-connecting to who you really are, you can release all the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ mind chatter that creates the belief that this is all there is and you are unworthy and powerless. NOTHING is farther from the truth (this is why it feels so bad when you think these thoughts!) You can shift your life and move toward being who you REALLY ARE and loving your life! I am living proof of this!!

WoW!! What a long, multi-layered story! If you made it this far…thank you! Today, I am the happiest I have ever been, my relationship with my husband of 50 years (in 2023) is amazing (which in itself is amazing!), my work is deeply fulfilling and my body is releasing excess weight it has held for many years as I have come more and more into harmony with who I really am and loving every little tiny bit of me!!

So where do YOU start?? Something led you here…heed the call. The first step, download your D.A.N.C.E. Journal™ Kit (Daring Awareness Nurtures Creativity & Expansion). This mixed-media practice when enable you to stop the runaway mind chatter so you can begin to tap into your Divine essence!

Second, schedule a Wealth and Abundance Breakthrough Session with me, if you are ready to fulfill your dream of 6-Figure and beyond business that serves the world while making you gloriously happy and fulfilled!

So Much Love,