You’re Invited On
A Sacred Journey

You’re Invited On
A Sacred Journey

This Is Not Your Usual

‘New Year/New You’ Invitation…

We’re so used to being invited to set goals at the very beginning of the year – and that’s not what I’m doing here. I’ve discovered that making New Year’s Resolutions is a recipe for disappointment and ultimately feeling really bad about yourself.

That’s the last thing I want to invite you to do…

While the traditional calendar says January 1st is the start of the New Year and society pressures you into believing you better get your butt in gear. That you’ve got to have all your plans in order to hit the ground running on January 2nd or you are already behind…the whole year is lost and you have failed…again.

This creates a terrible negative cycle – and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve personally experienced an entirely different New Year flow that energizes and sustains me – and this is what I am inviting you to.

Truth is, as far as Mother Earth is concerned, January 1st is NOT the start of the New Year.

It’s Actually Visioning Season!

When we shake off the traditional calendar and embrace the Wheel of the Year instead – we see that Spring Equinox is the beginning of the New Year. When we tune into this flow, we discover an invitation to be in flow with life and energy in a whole new way.

When you come to understand that the time between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox is the time for planting the seeds of your dreams and visions a whole new world opens wide for you! 

THIS is the best time to cast the vision for your future and that is exactly what we will do together!

>> Imagine being so deeply in tune with your Vision for the coming year that you no longer second-guess yourself…

>> Imagine knowing exactly what to say Yes! to and more importantly…to say No, Thank You! to!

>> Imagine if indecision, dithering, spinning and chasing bright shiny objects weren’t part of your life anymore, what you could accomplish!

I know all of this, and more is possible for you when you allow yourself to identify your real desires…let go of what hinders bringing this vision to life (no matter what it is) … and you go all-in on being the person who lives out your vision!

Step Into Vision Quest 2022

✩ The Quest begins by celebrating your accomplishments in 2021 and releasing what you won’t need in 2022.

✩ Vision Casting Ceremony to energetically connect with what you truly to create.

✩ Allow in your Word for the Year that acts as a North Star guiding you throughout the coming year.

✩ Identify and design deep Core Beliefs that support your desires and powerful new choices.

✩ Experience a meditative Vision Walk to open a deep connection with your Soul and receive Divine guidance on the year ahead.

✩ Tease out your Soul Desires and discover what you really want at the heart level.

✩ Create a Vision Board that reflects what you truly desire to experience in 2022. 

What DOES Shift On January 1st!

 The Numerology of 2022 shifts the energy completely!!

Moving from a 5 Universal Year of Change to a 6 Universal Year of Abundance initiates a completely new energy field in which to play and create. In Vision Quest 2022 you will receive new time-sensitive information so you can use this energy to its fullest potential. 

⊙ Universal Year Numerology Code and what it means for you. 2022 brings a NEW approach to Abundance Manifestation! Very Exciting!

⊙ Astro-Numerology for 2022

Major transits and how they impact your abundance. Knowing these dates lets you tap into windows of opportunity throughout 2022.

The exact timing and meaning of the Four Eclipses and why the signs they take place in initiates a wonderful sense of flow.

Two Epic events in February that will cause ripple effects for years to come – they impact empowerment through leadership for you!

Three powerful Letters that align with 2022 that trigger your subconscious into success overdrive.

Secret Words aligned with these Letters and how to use these keywords to align vibrationally with your abundance.

⊙ Reflection and Growth Windows – When to retreat and when to advance with ease and flow.

Abundance Activations – Be aware of the exact dates when Astrology and Numerology align and open powerful windows for abundance. Knowing these dates in advance allows you to be ready to take advantage of the open window!

 Mother Nature Has Designed

The Perfect Rhythm & Flow

For Our Journey 

Our Quest will travel the Sacred Pauses of on the Wheel of the Year, following Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon as they embrace the energies of the season. We begin the journey on Winter Solstice in celebration of the year 2021 and where it has brought us.

We complete our Quest at the Spring Equinox…when Mother Earth wakes from her dreaming state and the year begins anew. Along the way we will travel through each Dark and Full Moon and the Sacred Pause of Imbolc. This easy transition ensures you are fully grounded and enabled to hear the messages from your Soul of what 2022 is bringing for you.


Vision Quest 2022 Milestones

Milestone One: Sacred Pause for Winter Solstice: Yule

Wednesday, December 21nd, 2021 EST

Milestone Two: Dark Moon Capricorn Energetic Alignment

Saturday, January 1st, 2022 EST

Milestone Three: Full Moon Cancer Circle

Monday, January 17th, 2022 EST

Milestone Four: Dark Moon Aquarius Energetic Alignment

Monday, January 31st, 2022 EST

Milestone Five: Sacred Pause for Imbolc: Midwinter

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 EST

Milestone Six: Full Moon Leo Circle

Wednesday, February 16th, 2022 EST

Milestone Seven: Dark Moon Pisces Energetic Alignment

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 EST

Milestone Eight: Sacred Pause for Spring Equinox: Ostara

Sunday, March 20th, 2022 EST

I went through these wonderful guidebooks again and there is a wealth of information and teaching in it.

I totally love to connect on a regular basis with the Moon cycles for aligning myself with what’s happening in the universe.

Beate Schneeberg

This Is A Live Group Experience

You will join a group of travelers who know they create their own reality
and are eager for the new adventure 2022 has for them.

We Circle together on Zoom at 11:11 am Eastern

Recordings will be available if you are unable to meet with us at that time.

A private group to share the journey as we go.

The other day I was trying to get focused on a project that was feeling inauthentic to my true self. In pondering taking a new direction, and which direction to choose, I remembered my vision board from the 2021 Vision Quest. I realized the direction was already chosen during that quest, and it was validation on how exceptional Roz is at guiding us to connect with the truest version of ourselves during the whole Vision Quest Container!

Amy Neil

Vision Quest Guide Book

Every good journey requires a guide book with space to journal all your discoveries.

This is a robust downloadable, printable guide.

The Guide is delivered to you when the time is right for that section of the Quest.
No giant overwhelming tome lands in your inbox during the holidays. 😉

Sample Representation of Guides


Your Guide For Vision Quest 2022
Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC

Roz guides spiritually aware visionaries, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who struggle to consistently live from the space of clarity, confidence and joy to learn to honor your emotions, love and accept yourself completely so you can fulfill your Soul calling with ease and grace!

As a transformational leader, she used the techniques and practices she shares with clients in Sacred Life Mastery to navigate two of life’s biggest challenges with ease and grace; the sudden loss of her son in 2014 and a cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2020…proving to herself once again that, no matter what, staying energetically aligned first, tending to your mindset second and implementing Soul guided strategy third is the winning combination!

When she is not talking about possibilities, Roz loves to create art with fiber, paper and paint.

Say Yes To

Vision Quest 2022

To Recap What’s Included:

Eight Live Milestone Sessions
All Session Recordings
Vision Quest Guide Book (PDF)
Private Group For Further Discussion

All This Goodness

Only $222

Payment Plan Available

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it live to every session?

You will have access to the recordings throughout 2022 for review.

Do you have a referral program? I have a friend I want to invite!

You are so sweet! It is always fun to journey with a friend. You can join our referral program here:
Vision Quest Referral Program

If you don’t want to join the program you can always share this page with your friend:

Does this include any private time with Roz?

This is a group experience, however, there is a VIP Upgrade Option which includes two (2) private 1:1 sessions with me Roz so you can totally rock 2022!
Vision Quest VIP Upgrade

Are newbies welcome? I’m brand new to all of these ideas.

The most loving people are part of every group I work with and each is a beautiful blend of experience levels, so yes. Please do join us. You will be most welcome!

All This Goodness

Only $222

Payment Plan Available

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