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The Vibrational Scale

Knowing where you are on the Vibrational Scale will allow you to move in the direction of what you want. Always lean toward happy. You can get there from wherever you are!

What is the Vibrational Scale and why is it important?

The Vibrational Scale is a way of explaining the role our emotions play. Our emotions are our “indicator of coming attractions.” When we feel good we are aligned with Spirit and are attracting the good we want into our existence.

When we feel bad, we are out of alignment with Spirit and are attracting what we don’t want into our existence.

It really is as simple as that!

Now we can talk about it and add to the explanation but it all comes down to this…

good = wanted ~ bad = not wanted.

What a wonderful system!

One of my favorite scales is found in Abraham-Hicks’ Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires.

(If you are new to Abraham-Hicks, you can get this book as part of a 3 book set that is a fabulous introduction to Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham, The Teachings of Abraham Book Collection: Hardcover Boxed Set).

The idea behind the Vibrational Scale is that you move up or down and depending on where you currently are you know what to reach for next.

If you are Depressed or in Fear the next step is Revenge. Then Anger, etc until you reach Hope then move on up to Happiness and ultimately Love and Joy.

I like to think about my vibrational level like an elevator ride in a high rise building.

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If I am feeling bad (really, regardless if it is depression or fear or doubt, anger or yucky…) I just know I don’t feel good. I see this as the lower floors of the building.

If I am mad the elevator is at the basement level and the door opens what am I going to find waiting for me there? Basement stuff – junk, the water heater, supplies.

Hhhmmmm…more stuff to make me mad. No one listens to me, there is an unexpected bill in the mail, all the other drivers are NUTS today.

So I purposely lean toward feeling a little better, I think thoughts that make me feel a little better, use an energy management tool, take a walk, pet the cat, take a nap, call a friend and my emotions raise a little so I am now at the first floor.

When the door opens there are calmer people there and I continue to feel better, BUT my dreams are not manifesting…they aren’t on this floor!

So I do more energy management work, read The Happiness Squad, and intend to see all the good around me. You can join the Happiness Squad by filling in the form at the top right!

I move steadily closer to hopeful. Aaahhh, I’m breathing easier and feeling hopeful…”Isn’t it nice that” starts my sentences when I think about my day and I am now on the 30th floor.

When the door opens here—there is some of my stuff! Things I have asked for are waiting for me. I have a lovely conversation with my spouse, there is more money than month (!)…mmmm…lovely.

As I continue scripting my day, intending to be grateful and to look for good I move closer to happy…what a lovely feeling…and all these happy people surround me.

I notice and comment on someone’s lovely scarf and someone else compliments me on my hair. I arrive home and realize all the mail is fun stuff and there wasn’t one near collision all day!

Yes! I am now on the 61st floor and when the door opens the wall is a bank of windows and all is beautiful and sunny!

Now, humph, I notice I am not looking fabulous today…a bill is due tomorrow and my spouse was cranky…oh, I feel the negative hit…I feel bad.

I am at choice…I can ride that elevator all the way back down or I can gently notice that I want to intend to lean toward happy and allow the elevator to begin the ascent back up.

Using the Vibrational Scale and understanding how my emotions indicate where I am in alignment with Spirit allows me to stay aware of what I am attracting. Beautiful!