Sacred Life Mastery Academy

When you partner with Spirit ~ your deep Inner Wisdom ~ and the Guides in your Akashic Records to heal your wounds and learn how to manage your energy, you begin to consciously create your own life.

You are no longer at the mercy of whatever happens, no situation has the power to irritate, aggravate, or scare you.

You take back your power…

no one has the power to rain on your parade…

or steal your joy!

Now that’s good news!!

 THIS is the essence of Sacred Life Mastery™!!


The intuitive, energetic powerful processes in this program will have you on your way to standing in your full power!

And it’s FUN!

I believe life is supposed to be fun…if it isn’t we may as well pack up and go home!

The power component of this program is found in the connection with my guides, Sophia, and the unique Transformational Tapping Sessions that are part of the program. 

In Choosing You, the grounding, foundational level of the Academy, you will heal your 1st Chakra. This healing gives you a firm foundation to grow and expand.

What Mastering Your Sacred Life Includes

Hone Your Intuition

Discover how you personally receive wisdom from your HIgher Self. It’s available all the time, you just have to know how to receive and interpret it.

Learn to use your body’s innate cellular wisdom to tap into your intuition. It is easier than you think!

Energy Management

Learn to know what you are feeling and how to move up the Vibrational Scale so you are never again a victim of circumstances.

Tricks and tips to drop drama from your life as you free yourself from endfless mind chatter!

Support Your New Lifestlye

Training, guidance and maintenance are all part of mastering your sacred life. Included in the Sacred Life Mastery Program is membership in the Sophia Temple where we meet on Dark and Full Moon to clear our energy and re-align to the new energies that are coming in.

Where Do You Begin?

Everything starts with a conversation with me. We will connect with our guides, determine where you currently are and the best way to help you move forward to living a powerful, beautiful sacred life that reflects your true essence.

Claim Your Sacred Life Mastery™

 The Art of Choosing Clarity, Confidence & Joy

Come and visit with me for a bit, let’s have a virtual cup of coffee or tea together. Click the Schedule button and choose a time that works for you to chat for 15 minutes in what I call a Be Happy Now! Consultation. The kettle’s on…Come jpin me!