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Be Love During The Holidays Energetic Alignment

What would it be like to tap into the Love you are this Holiday Season? Could it change everything? I believe it can so I am gifting you this powerful Be Love During The Holidays Energetic Alignment.

An Energetic Alignment is a special circle where I tap into the conscious collective of the group…the group’s Akashic Records…and bring forth information and guidance from the Divine just for the group. If you were called to listen to this recording you were energetically present during the Alignment.​

You will receive both the Be Love During The Holidays MP3 PLUS an Introduction to Lean Toward Happy Energetic Alignments.

Rich blessings to you and yours for a peaceful Holiday season!

Bring In Light & Love Practice

Call in Divine Light and Love to clear your mind, heal your heart and protect your energy field…set yourself up for a beautiful day!

This powerful practice was given to me by my guides in my Akashic Records and it has both healed and opened my heart to receive love. I am so happy to share it with you now.

You will receive 2 mp3s of the Practice. One of these special recordings has no music and the other includes Binaural music that will take you deeper than traditional meditation…literally guiding you into a state of deep relaxation.

Sacred Soul Dancers

Join our community, Sacred Soul Dancers, and discover how to quiet the voices in your head (most of which don’t even belong to you!)

The instructions for using D.A.N.C.E.™ (Daring Awareness Nurtures Creativity & Expansion) a Sacred Technology to witness the voices in your head, return those that don’t belong to you and love the rest (turn those voices that are an enemy today into your strongest allies), are in the group, where you will also receive support from like-minded friends in putting your D.A.N.C.E.™ Practice into place.

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