Beloved! One of our prompts in Sacred Soul Dancers (our FB group) is Expansion Means… I loved what flowed through from that prompt: “Expansion this week was stepping even more out of playing small to be safe. I have been so engaged with the summit (being on video all over the place!) and serving clients that there has been no time for worrying if I’m doing it right or what’s coming next!


This is cool because I realize I don’t ever have to stew about any of that regardless if I’m super engaged or integrating. Now to practice this new wisdom!!”
Two points come from this inspired response. First, playing small to feel safe is so common for humans! We are wired to back away from danger (good for bears, not so much for expansion!). Your ego-personality is hard-wired for safety (Warning, Warning Will Robinson, as the old quote goes.) and will stop you every time you are following your heart into uncharted territory.


The trick is to understand this simple phenomenon and step around it. D.A.N.C.E. Journal™ is designed to allow you to step out of the whirlwind in your mind about what is going on and witness what is really going on (your safety switch has been triggered, that’s all)!


From there you can decide…choose…how you will respond to the input from ego. This is a practice but it gets easier and easier as you choose your heart over your ego and the ego sees you don’t die!! :}

Second, for me, the further positive aspect was a full-body recognition that when I pull back from whatever inspired action is in front of me, I have chosen that move and I can choose again!!

How does playing small look for me? I worry if I am doing it right, I have the need to see all the steps (which freaks me out, of course). This week, there was no space to do either of these as I executed my 3-month plan to present the amazing Dare To Thrive Circle Micro-Summit™ to you…there just wasn’t time to dither!!

When I paused to respond to the prompt in the group this was the message from Sophia and my Soul, I never have to make time to dither….ever! Wow! That is good to know!!

Where are you playing small to feel safe? Comment below and share what you are feeling and what your guidance is sharing with you! I really want to know!

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