What does it take to pull off an online summit? Guts, determination and alignment, plus…

In this live interview, my friend and one of the featured speakers at my first summit dug deep as we talked about what it REALLY takes.

During the conversation, I share that I couldn’t have created the summit at all without the expert training of Barbera Aimes of Instant Tribe Micro-Summits™. If you are considering using a summit to reach more targeted followers who are interested in you and your message this is the perfect training for that! If you become a ‘Micro-Summiter’…contact me, I would love to speak at your first Summit!! 

Don’t see the video? No worries. Click here to view!

Enjoy the conversation! Check out the current summit at Dare To Thrive Circle.com and connect with Sarah Michelle Brown here! And check in with Instant Tribe Micro-Summits™ here. Thank you, Sarah Michelle for a great convo!

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